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FLYtRAB front page
YRab table and access to all data stacks
Representative images of all YRab data stacks
YRab annotation report pages and search tools
Quick access to YRab report pages


All images on this website link to CATMAID where you can explore them in detail. This is a short overview of the CATMAID interface.


This is the main interface of CATMAID.


CATMAID toolbar
imaging settings
Data stack view (grab and move the header to arrange channel views)
Image stack overview


Stainings mapping

While DAPI is always mapped to channel 1 and YRab is always mapped to channel 2, channels 3 and 4 show different stainings for each tissue. This overview shows the exact mapping for all stainings:



Channel selection menu

display composite or seperate channels of the selected data stack

Navigation tool

navigate within a data stack

  • move in xy: drag the image with the mouse
  • move in z: enter value, use mousewheel or , and . keys
  • zoom: enter value between 3 and 0 or use + and - keys
Cropping tool

This tool allows you to select and download an area within the data stack. Generating large cropped images can take a while.

  • use the cursor to mark a region
  • adjust position, size and rotation
  • define top and bottom layer
  • define resolution (high: zoom-level=0, low: zoom-level=3)
  • select single channels or composite
  • send your request (click the check mark)
  • download the requested stack

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